#WomenEmpowerment is something thats close to my heart. We, as women have a lot to offer. I am continuously working on myself and support others. I am available to mentor/coach any new teachers.

I work with @WomenEd organisation to empower women in education. I have delivered a few inspirational talks.

I hosted a successful WomenEd event at Reading College on 14th December 2017. 

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Theme for the event was :  Flexible working: solutions / discussion, #HeforShe, Diversity

Call to action :  New year resolutions

 Impact : Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The format for the day was : 

  • Opening keynote – 10 mins (1) SARAH PHILLIPS, HT, Loddon Primary
  • Micro presentations x 5mins (6) by Charlotte Bishop, Catherine Davies, Hayle Davies, Kellie Brazier & Kayleigh Liddell, Monique Ewen, Lucy Starbuck Braidley, Sara Horsfall
  • Networking break
  • Panel (1+3) #wellbeing Hannah Wilson, Lucy Starbuck Braidley, Laura Chislett
  • Table discussions (1) Hannah  Wilson & Sara Horsfall
  • Closing keynote (1) Sara Horsfall, Ginibee
  • Networking