#TMReading17 – Personal Reflections as an Organiser

I attended Teach Meet Oxford organised by Amjad Ali on 18th Dec. I had just started teaching a month ago then, so I thought it may be a good idea to go to a teach meet. I am glad I did, because it changed everything.

I was really struggling since past one month, I may have given up teaching in few months had I not gone to that teach meet.

I came to know about Diverse Leaders, WomenEd and BAMEed programme that evening and joined all of them instantly. I was assigned Jaz Ampaw-Farr as a coach through Diverse Leaders programme. During our second session, I told her that I would like to present at a teach meet but I cannot find any around me. She asked me to organise one and I DID!

The day I announced the teach meet, I had no sponsors, no presenters, no plan. I had no idea what to do or where to start. I started spreading the word and people kept joining in the spirit. I was amazed at the support given to me by my twitter family for this event. They were retweeting all my tweets, asking me if I need any help or if they should come early on the day of event to help set up.

I can say that Teach Meet Reading was ‘the real’ teach meet for teachers by teachers and this is what made it a success. Teach Meet Reading is the example of #strongertogether and the experience of putting everything together for this event was AMAZING!!

I have received so many emails, messages and tweets on how helpful Teach Meet Reading was for attendees that evening, that I am inspired to do it all over again next year.