There are various reasons questioning is used in classrooms : to explore a student’s schema in depth, to probe for understanding, checking for misconceptions, adding extra challenge,  providing scaffolding to reach successful answer.

I frame my questions as Mild, Hot and Spicy to cater to all levels of students in class.


  • Remember
  • Understand
  • Apply


  • Analyse
  • Evaluate


  • Create
  • Extended Thinking
  • Questions about questions : Can be used at any level. Helps stretch the learner to next level of thinking.


(Remember, Understand, Apply)


(Analyse, Evaluate)


(Create, Extended Thinking, Questions about questions)




Verbs : Identify, Highlight, Arrange, Define, Describe, Label, List, Relate, Memorise, Select, Reproduce, State,  Outline
Verbs : Analyse, Structure, Compare, Examine
Verbs : Develop, Create, Plan, Design, Compose, Generate, Modify
What is …? Why is it used? What could you invent?
How is ….. ? Why does it work? What kind of original problem/text could you produce?
Where is ….? What does it infer? What kind of model could you develop and use?
What does it mean? How can you?
Who was …. ? How could? How could you?
How did ….. happen ? How would? How would you?
When did ….happen ? What is the cause? Can you think of an original way for the … ?
Can you recall …. ? What is the connection? How could you innovate?
Can you select ….. ? What is the influence? What can you create / design / develop / do / plan / produce?
Can you list the three ….? What is the reason? Can you construct a model that would change…?
How would you describe … ? What is the relationship?
How would you explain …. ?



Extended Thinking

Verbs : Verbs :
How would you classify …. ? Why are the strengths and weaknesses of…?
How would you compare …. ? What is the impact? How do you say that?
How would you contrast …. ? What is the outcome? How does this relate to our discussion?
State in your own words   ……? What is the result?
What facts or ideas show …..? What if?
What is meant …..? What could happen?
  What can you say about ….. ? How may?
How would you summarise ….. ? How might?
What will?
How will?



Questions about questions

Verbs : Apply, Manage, Execute, Produce, Implement Should….or…? What is the point of this question?
How is it used? What do you believe/feel/think? How does…apply to real life?
How does it work? What is your opinion/perspective/thoughts? What would be an alternative?
How would you use…..? What was the point of asking that question?
What examples can you find to ….? Why do you think I asked this question?
How would you organise ……to show ……?
How would you show your understanding of ….. ?
How would you apply what you learned to develop ……?
What would result if …. ?
What elements would you use to change …. ?
What facts would you select to show ….?


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