Depending on when, where and how many students are learning; various technology tools can be used to engage and motivate students.

(Scroll to the table at the bottom of the page if you need more information on any of the tools. 👍🏽 against a tool suggests I highly recommend it.)

Teaching and Learning Ideas and Tools

One of the effective way to plan lessons is to pull the engaging content available online to provide multiple ways to learn.

Websites which provide free content that can be pulled in your lessons :

Recording lectures and presentations  :

Creating own instructional material/ Enhance the lecture :

  • Create concept maps : Popplet, Text2mindmap,
  • Create timelines : Ntrepid (👍🏽)
  • Visualization, graphic organisers tools :
  • Tools to emphasise content on the presentation : Infographics, Concept maps, tweets, quotes
  • Tools to create Rubrics : RCampus, RubiStar

Bringing interactivity to lessons :

Note Taking Tools

Assessment Ideas and Tools

  • Tools to create, share and play quizzes : SocrativeKahoot,
  • Ted-style talks
  • Add to, or create, a Wikipedia article
  • Contribute to a class blog, wiki, or collaborative document.
  • Create infographics or digital comics that connect course topics to real-world scenarios. Tools that can be used : Piktochart , Mind42 (mind mapping software), Google Document
  • Contribute to class image gallery. Tools :  Pinterest, Flickr
  • Think-Pair-Tweet
  • Presentation tools : VoiceThread (👍🏽)
  • E-Portfolio tools : Pathbrite

Collaboration Tools

  • Social Bookmarking tools :  Tools that allow participants to share and annotate web content together.  Diigo  , Evernote , Google Bookmarks
  • Collaborative reading/discussion tools : Google documents, Mind42 (mind mapping software), Etherpad,  Edmond , Discussion forums on LMS, Facebook groups, blog
  • Collaborative learning tools : Wakelet (👍🏽) , Google Documents, Classroom Salon, Facebook groups, Discussion forums, Wikis.
  • Small group work tools : Wiki, Think-Pair-Tweet, Facebook page

More information on tools listed above :

EdTech Tool


Etherpad  (Free)

A collaboration tool which allows you to read, edit and annotate documents in the real-time.

Edmodo (Free)

Teachers can create groups. Each group is assigned a unique code. Students can then join the group using this code. When students join a group, the software further generates another code which parents can use to log in on the Edmodo website and view the progress and grades of their children. Discussions, reflections, critiques, insights, etc. can be provided by Edmodo to facilitate collaborative reading.

Google documents (Free)

A collaboration tool. All you need is an Internet connection, web browser and a Gmail account. Books that are stored as documents can be commented on publicly and notes/comments can be added at appropriate locations. Live Chat. The visibility of the notes, comments and document itself, can be controlled by specifying sharing permissions by the owner of the document. Apps for Google documents are now available for smart phones and tablets.


iPad app. A collaborative tool. Create polls, multiple choice questions, Auto-grading,


Personal information management service. Save web page bookmarks, files, images, and much more.(Tutorial link)


Bookmark web pages. Save URLs. Text clippings from a web page.

Microsoft OneNote (Free)

Video Tutorial 1

 Video Tutorial 2

Versatile. Digital note taking. Resembles paper note taking features such as binders, notebooks, sections and tabs for organising your notes.

To begin click this link to create a microsoft account and use this as a web tool or you can download the app on your device.

Classroom Salon

Using creative interface, workflows, and algorithms, classroom Salon provides a unique tool to set, teach, and assess your course.


Collaborative group presentations. Voice Over. Peer review.


Flow-dock can be used by teaching teams for conversations, sharing ideas and tools within their team, across the organization or to collaborate with educators across the globe. Prioritize work, solve problems, search and organize across teams, locations and timezones. Its a tool to provide real-time team chat for your entire organization.

Flow-dock can also be used to connect with students outside lessons. Send them reminders about assignments, time table, extra classes and submission dates.