Book Reviews

On this page, I will review books that I have read and have helped me develop myself as an educator.


When Adults Change, Everything Changes‘ tops the chart for me. This book made me question how I deal with behaviour in class. Paul has covered all areas of behaviour and I like the way he rounds it up at the end of each chapter. This book backs up what I believe as a teacher with evidence-based practice and research. A good read that challenges out-dated conventional behaviour systems in schools.

The author proposes the development of a culture in schools where positive routines and practical strategies create support and certainty. He passionately argues that  all types of schools should create a culture that promotes visible consistency, botheredness and kindness;  a culture where young people are “ready, respectful and safe”

If you are a teacher, especially one interested in behaviour, you should definitely buy this book and enjoy being wrangled!


How to Teach’ by Phil Beadle. This is a highly practical and authentic book for new teachers. It is packed with realistic and practical advise on how to make education engaging for students. It is full of full of motivating ideas to re-approach your class in a new way. Invaluable read for any educator!


Teach Like a Champion’ by Doug Lemov . Love this book as it has an excellent set of practical techniques that can be easily used in a classroom. The techniques are based on common sense and not on vague theories. A must read for any new teacher!


Visible Learning Feedback‘ by Hattie and Clarke provides evidence-based research to cover principles and practicalities of feedback. Feedback is the most powerful aspect of teaching and learning that can help students to achieve success and yet it is so variable. Feedback is often confused with Grading. This book helped me understand how I can give and receive feedback effectively to/from students and peers. It also gives an insight on how can we create a culture of feedback within the organisations so that it can be interpreted well by the receiver to help them achieve success. If you are interested in getting feedback right, this book is an excellent starting point.


How to explain absolutely anything to absolutely anyone : The Art and Science of Teacher Explanation‘ by Andy Thirby


Memorable Teaching‘ by Peps Mccrea


Why Don’t Students Like School?‘ by Daniel T. Willingham


The Hidden Lives of Learners‘ by Graham Nuthall


The Learning Rainforest :  Great Teaching in Real Classrooms‘ by Tom Sherrington


Embedded Formative Assessment‘ by Dylan William


What Does This Look Like In The Classroom: Bridging The Gap Between Research And Practice‘ by Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson


Seven Myths About Education‘ by Daisy Christodoulou


Mark. Plan. Teach‘ by Ross McGill


Learning to Question, Questioning to Learn‘ by Marylou Dantonio and Paul C. Beisenherz. An excellent teaching tool for teachers on practical questioning strategies!