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#ReadingCollegeTakeOver – 2

The first #ReadingCollegeTakeOver project was a success in supporting students in developing employable attributes. I have had an amazing feedback from students and teaching community. It was a very proud moment for me when the project was mentioned in #JISCTop10 winners announcement.

#ReadingCollegeTakeOver – 2 will run from January 2019-May 2019. This project will support students in applying their skills and learning to a real-life scenario. Students will learn the concepts of ‘Business applications of Social Media’ in class and will use the knowledge gained to create a social media campaign for one out of the two scenarios given to them.

The first scenario is to promote Mayor’s charities and the second scenario is to promote local Parkrun as weekly, free, 5k – bringing people together to help one-another achieve sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes.

Before starting the project, I had one to one progress review’s with students to guide them in identifying their learning intentions. I encouraged students to set targets for themselves. Each student was asked to set two targets for themselves – an academic target to measure their academic success; the other target was to choose one attribute that will challenge them to come out of their comfort zones and will help them prepare for their life after college. I believe the most important thing for us, as teachers in further education, is to develop the right attributes in students. They can easily achieve academic target if they have the right attitude towards learning.

The graph below shows the average score for each attribute for the group of students who will work on this project(screenshot taken on January 15th, 2019).

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 21.13.44

This project will support students to develop the attributes they are looking to improve on.


[I will update the blog as and when I can, during the project.]

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