Curriculum Planning, design thinking, Employer Engagement, Project-Based Learning

Business applications of Social Media – Project Based Learning/Employer Engagement/ T-Levels

‘Business Applications of Social Media’ project was delivered to BTec level 3 year 1 students.

Learning outcomes and Assessment criteria’s  were mapped to Employability skills.

Main focus during this project was on communication skills, interview skills and writing skills.

Project was supported by four employers : Spice Oven, Holybrook Associates, Handmade Burger, and an upcoming artist(Clara).

The project was divided in five phases:

1.  Empathy : Students were acting as a social media manager for the business they were working for and interviewed their clients to create persona of the business.   Students identified target audience and the social media websites that could help increase search engine ranking of the business.

2.  Prototyping : Teams researched the algorithms of social media websites and created plans for when is the best suitable time to post business posts. They also researched the types of  posts that they could post to gain more followers for the business. Teams created the posts that could go on various social media websites. We decided to use hashtags Team#L3ClassAnshi and #ReadingCollegeTakeOver to  keep track of our postings.

3.  Ideation : In this phase we actually started posting the content on social media. Follow #L3ClassAnshi to track our posts. For two weeks we were posting and engaging with the content on social media profiles of our businesses. This was the most enjoyable phase of the project.

4.  Validation : After the extensive promotion of businesses we collected feedback from the target audience(using google form) and analytics data from social media websites.

5.  Reflection : In the last phase of the project we analysed all the data that was collected, created social media policies for the business and presented it to them.

This project led to 100% work experience for all my students. All of them were actually applying their learning to a real business and are very confident that they would be able to work as ‘social media manager’ for any business.

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