Design Thinking in classroom

I came across the concept of Design Thinking recently, when I had to take students to CISCO for ‘Grey meets Green’ workshop. I noticed how engaged students were throughout the workshop and by the end of the day had created a wonderful prototype of the business model they were asked to.

Did a bit of research, had a few sessions with experts like Mark Mason at GROW Green Park and Alkesh Shah when I went for STEM placement at IBM and I am ready to give it a go.

I will be using Design Thinking [Build. Learn. Measure] in my classroom to do a project  (September’17 – December’17) on ‘Cyber Security’. The project is divided in 5 phases –

Phase 1 – Brainstorming / Empathy – Creating Personas of different “organisations” which face IT Security threats.

Phase 2 – Prototyping / Framing the problem – Different types of IT Security threats faced by these organisations.

Phase 3 – Building / Generative Ideation – Learning new techniques and how these techniques can be used to protect organisations.

Phase 4 – Testing / Validation – Implementing and testing the techniques.

Phase 5 – Reflecting – Presenting our final plans.

Students presented their final presentation to John Easton – a Distinguished engineer from IBM  and received wonderful feedback on their protection plans.

Design Thinking was used throughout the delivery of this project. Blogging and Presentation skills were two employability skills that were focussed on, during this project.