How to organise a Teach Meet

I organised a very successful Teach Meet ( #TMReading17 )  in my first year of Teaching. Below is the rough guideline that I followed to make it a success. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss in more detail.

Step 1 – Find Keynote Speakers (2 preferably – Opening and Closing )(or have 3, just in case one of them can’t make it on the day).

Step 2 – Choose a date that suits You(the organiser), Keynote Speakers, Venue and make sure it doesn’t clash with any other educational event around your Venue. Give yourself at least 3/4 months to prepare for next steps

Step 3 – Create the event on eventbrite with relevant tags.

Step 4 – Look for food/drinks sponsorship (most difficult to get). Have a back up plan in-case you don’t get the sponsorship

Step 5 – Create a poster with these details. Create a twitter account. Ask people to contact you if they want to present/sponsor.

Step 6 – Announce the event on Social Media and go mad about it. You have to keep posting about the event every few hours, stay interactive on social media, attend as many educational events around you to spread the word. The more you work on this step, it saves time on other things – like finding presenters/sponsors etc.

Step 7 – Look for sponsors for various raffle prizes you can give out during the event. Ask and ask again. Ask everyone and anyone, you will be surprised to see how many people are ready to sponsor a raffle prize / goodie bags for teach meets.

Step 8 – 4 weeks before the event, create another poster with details of the event – you would have list of presenters/sponsors by this time that can be included on the poster. Tweet every few hours. Contact local schools. Send them an e-invite.

Checklist for the day –

  1. Create a list of presenters for the day. #TMReading17 had 3 min/6 min slots plus 15 minutes each for opening and closing Keynote, which worked really well. Have a contingency plan – in case someone drops out on the day. Consider leaving a minute between each presentation and some time for break.
  2. Ask Presenters to email the presentation two weeks before the event so you get the time to compile them together.
  3. Plan how / when raffle prizes will be given out  (prefer second half – towards the end)
  4. On final day, Layout the room. A computer, Projector, clicker, microphone and chairs is basically what is needed.
  5. Create a check-in desk where guests can come and register.
  6. Provide wi-fi access to attendees.
  7. If you are giving out goodie bags, you can leave them on seats with a plan of the day.
  8. Good presenters and good organisation of the day is what will make it a success.