Hello, Welcome to my website.

I am a Computing teacher at FE college. I am highly motivated and passionate in my dedication to finding new, inspiring and creative ways of empowering my learners.

In addition to teaching, I work as an IT freelancer. I use my experience and skills as an IT Freelancer to involve my students in IT projects to give them experience of work. I loveĀ using technology and social media in classroom. I believe, we, as teachers, have the responsibility to prepare students on how to use social media responsibly and focus on their work despite of all the distractions.

I am interested in Blended Learning, Flipped Learning and happy to collaborate on any projects.

šŸ†Ā I have recently been awarded ‘Effective STEM Educator’ by Stem learning centre forĀ demonstrating the impact that the STEM insight placement has had upon my practice.

šŸ†Ā I am one of the JISC’s top ten further education social media superstars of 2018.

I am being supported by IBM to deliver lessons in class using #DesignThinking.


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