Hello, Welcome to my website.

I am a Computing teacher at an amazing FE college. I am highly motivated and passionate in my dedication to finding new, inspiring and creative ways of empowering my learners.

I design contextualised projects by co-creating and co-planning the curriculum with employers to give real-life experience to my students. My project #ReadingCollegeTakeOver got a special mention by JISC in their announcement for JISC top 10 FE social media superstars. I am very passionate about giving students positive experiences in education and am always working towards finding new ways to bring students out of their comfort zones.

In addition to teaching, I work as an IT freelancer. I use my experience, skills and contacts as an IT Freelancer to involve my students in IT projects to provide them an opportunity to get experience of working with the industry professionals. I love using technology and social media in classroom. I believe, we, as teachers, have the responsibility to prepare students on how to use technology / social media responsibly and focus on their work despite of all the distractions.

I am happy to collaborate on any project.

🏆 I have recently been awarded ‘Effective STEM Educator’ by Stem learning centre for demonstrating the impact that the STEM insight placement has had upon my practice.

🏆 I am one of the JISC’s top ten further education social media superstars of 2018.

I am being supported by IBM to deliver lessons in class using  #DesignThinking.

I am working towards my Cisco Academy Instructor qualification.

I am keen to raise the profile of BAME and WOMEN in education. I am available on Thursday’s / weekends / term holidays to deliver a talk/workshop on ‘Practical ways to include BAME students and educators’.

[Please note: The website is under construction. I work on the website as and when I get time. Please contact me if you are looking for anything specific.]


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